Personal Goals for Getting Fit…

Dear Erin,

That gym bag is WAY better than a doughnut ANY DAY.  I already have a really great gym bag, and I’m trying to think of something to give up so I can go be all matchy-matchy with you.

I committed this past week too. I just paid for my gym membership for the next 15 months IN FULL today. For reals.  And I am meeting with a personal trainer to set up my first set of workouts after work this evening. (I’ll tell you more about that after it happens.)

In the meantime, I made up a set of Personal Goals for me to follow at least through the summer months, to help me get more fit.  I’m sure I will need to adjust them, but here they are, for your enjoyment:

I have been using an online tool called myfitnesspal to track my eating and exercise for the last few weeks.  Its a free app I mostly play with on my iPhone.  I love it! (More on that later too.)

EATING (Notice I didn’t say diet. Because I mean what I am trying to put in my mouth for the long haul, not just a short term “diet”):

  • Drink only water and (decaf) tea.  With an occasional fresh fruit juice treat.
  • Eat smaller meals more often. 4-5 times per day.
  • Eat red meat and poultry in no more than 2 meals per week.
  • Eat dairy, eggs or fish in no more than half my meals. (Yep, that means half of all my meals will be vegan – I have a feeling I’ll have to work on that one SLOWLY.)
  • Menu planning a couple of days in advance to help me eat more deliberately
  • No fast food


  • Join a KICK ASS gym – go there at least 3 days per week
  • Consult with a personal trainer to get me started on strength training at gym
  • Walk the dog for a good walk at least 5 days per week
  • Hike at least once every two weeks
  • Do some yoga at least 2 times per week (it can be just a video at home)

The other goal I have for this summer is to expand my garden. There is already a plan in place.  I will keep you updated on that because (1) it is totally exercise (2) I will be growing healthy food and (3) we both really like to garden!!

So now I just need your help to work on keeping all these goals in check!!



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