Plan Ahead!

Dear Erin,
I was ruminating over your yesterday’s post on over-committing while finally getting around to taking my measurements. One thing is for sure, I won’t be comparing notes with anyone, or posting THOSE online. They are to measure progress over the long haul, just for me.

After I finished up my measurements, I went and printed out your very wise saying, and hung it on my fridge: Small goals seen to fruition over long amounts of time  = PROGRESS.
For reals! Thanks for the inspiration.

I know you are balancing a lot right now, and I know that you can add the commitment to take care of you as a top priority in there. You just have to keep reminding yourself.

I don’t have as many obstacles facing me right now. You could say I really have the luxury of making sure I make time for me. BUT, I will say that the thing that really keeps me on track on the diet front, (and exercise too, but diet more) is to PLAN AHEAD.

Even if I don’t stick exactly to what I say I am going to eat when, if I have a bunch of healthy ideas already on paper, its easier to make good eating decisions. So YES! plan ahead, and buy the stuff you need to make the healthy meals happen. That’s my biggest advice.

I’m still working on my clean eating, and trying to buy more local foods. As I get a little more into that, I’ll share how it’s working out for me.  But yesterday, I found some really fun fabric (in my stash), and decided I needed a new bigger farmers market bag.  Now I can put all my loot in one big, over the shoulder bag, instead of two smaller totes.  And of course, I’ll share a picture of that NOW.  (The fabric, not the bag, its not done yet…but coming soon!) Wow, only my fourth post, and I already managed to sneak some crafts in. It was bound to happen sooner rather than later!


PS Playlists must be shared appropriately. And I have many. More on that tomorrow.


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