The Good, the Bad, and the Garden

Dear Sarah,

Today, like most other days, has had its good and bad things. I guess that is life.

The Good:

I was so proud to hear that when I tried calling this morning you were at the gym. Kudos friend! That is awesome.

The man-cub had a “laser tag” birthday party at 9 am this morning. Both of us were forced to be up and raring to go to make a fullest of the time we have together before I head to work tonight.

The new 2nd job is going really well. I like the folks who make up the server crew there and the management is great. I am glad that I landed in a place with less bureaucracy and more humor than I have worked in the past. If I am to be working a lot more, it is nice to be in a place that can be enjoyable.

The Bad:

I ate fast food for breakfast AND lunch. Not even smart fast food. The fast food that is highlighted in “FOOD, INC.”

Yuckity, yuck, yuck, yuck. I didn’t have a plan and now remember what happens when you do not. It is called “getting fat”. I know one day does not blow all my efforts… but am not planning on a repeat performance any time soon.

The Garden:

It was clean-up day at the garden!

It was great to show up and see my gardening friends! The man-cub came with and actually pulled weeds. (This is huge. He doth protest a lot most days!)

I got 4 of my 5 raised beds cleared up. I have strawberries flowering and herbs on the mend. I arranged for my buddy to till the plot on Monday and straw is being delivered tomorrow. Man-cub has BIG plans for his 4×4 bed and I am on the fence about building another bed and doing all raised bed gardening for evermore.

It is so very exciting to start planning my garden. I feel a little late to the party compared to other years, but I still feel like the party isn’t over in that department. I will come home from work tonight and dream of what plants are going where.

I leave you with the image of my man-cub in his post-weeding state:

~ E

P.S. My asparagus are up too!!!



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  1. Could you cut any asparagus yet? I was so excited about mine, i broke down and got some at the grocery store this week, since i think i have a bit longer before any cutting takes place.

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