Weekend Report From Sarah

Dear Erin,

I wanted to report on my weekend.

As you know, I have been having some back problems that have been preventing me from my full normal activities.
This weekend, as I am unable to sit still for long periods of time, they prevented me from traveling down to Maryland to help my sister’s family out (and play with my nephews), which was sad.

BUT, I turned it around a little bit, and was not just wandering around my house moaning over the pain.
Before I tell about the weekend, I should say that walking helps stretch out the sore muscles in my back, and generally makes me feel a lot better.

Saturday morning, I went walking at the gym, then shopped for healthy local foods at the farmers market with some friends, and then even managed to do a couple of hours of back-friendly (careful) cleaning before I got together with friends for a meal we cooked with some of that farmers market food and a game night.

Sunday I spent several hours on an urban hike in Providence with a couple of friends. We walked along the Blackstone Boulevard Path, did a little shopping on Hope Street, and had lunch out at Not Just Snacks, where I made a really healthy lunch choice. I recommend their Lentil Soup served with Naan. It was great day, weather and otherwise, and I really meant to take some pictures of the lovely houses we were walking past along the path, but I forgot. (I guess I’ll have to go walk along that path again soon.)

No pictures today. Everyone’s favorite kind of blog-post.



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