A MANTRA, or Something Like It

Dear Erin,

As you know, I am a big fan of yoga. I enjoy the philosophies behind it, the calming or invigorating properties of the focused breathing, and the way my body feels when I get my act together and practice regularly. (Still working on that, AGAIN.)

This January, I decided that in lieu of some sort of resolution, I needed to adopt an updated attitude, a mantra if you will.  I knew in my mind what I wanted to try and achieve for the year, and lucky for me, yoga had a word for it:

SANTOSHA – Santosha is defined (in my mind) as a striving for inner contentment – inner peace if you will.  For me I think this means realizing there are a lot of things I’m not in charge of, a lot of things I don’t have control over, and there is nothing I can do about them. As a bonus, if I let them go, I can focus on myself.

Yogamovement.com has a really fun yoga glossary as well as an explanation of patanjali’s eightfold path of yoga. In their explanation, Santosha is a niyama – or an inner discipline and responsibility, how we treat ourselves. These are sometimes called observances, the do’s, or the thou shalts of yoga. Their definition is: “Contentment (santosha). Cultivate contentment and tranquility by finding happiness with what you have and who you are. Seek happiness in the moment, take responsibility for where you are, and choose to grow from there.“ And I quite like it.  It’s a really excellent site to spend some time looking around if you have time.

I think that Santosha really fits in well with my journey to become healthier and fitter, by encouraging me to work on only myself and the things I can change.


In other news, my back is feeling a LOT better today (thank you magic chiropractor), and I am looking forward to adding some exercise besides walking into my gym routine. I had to cancel visit number two with the Personal Trainer (at the magic chiropractors request), but I am SO EXCITED to work with her next week!

Hope your day is filled with joy and sunshine. Or at least Santosha.

Plum Tree In Bloom
PS My Plum Tree is Blooming. Outside of my control, but a joy none-the-less. (And it smells fantastic.)


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