Dear Erin,

Thanks for reminding me to persevere. Ever time I read a post, and every time I talk to you, I remember how much stuff you have going on, and how relatively little crap i HAVE to do, and it reminds me how lucky I am to have time to devote to me, and how I damn well better do it.

I haven’t been mentioning it too much on this blog, but I have a little now and again recurring back problem.  Right now it is ON. In a big way. Not to be a whiner, but it hurts, and I have to take some sort of medicine stronger than ibuprofen to be able to fall asleep (every night).  LUCKILY for me, the most amazing thing is that WALKING makes the ouchies hurt a little bit less.  It stretches out the sore muscles, and helps make them a little bit stronger, and a little bit less sore. Especially when I remember to do them in combination with the correct stretches.  So I haven’t been talking about my power workouts, and I haven’t been talking about my amazing personal trainer, because I just can’t. Not right now.

What I CAN do is persevere. I CAN go to the gym, or go outside, and take a nice long walk and stretch out those muscles. Then I CAN follow it up with the appropriate stretches.  And I assure you I have been doing both.  Pain is an amazing motivator.  As my pain slowly recedes (thank you magical chiropractor), I look forward to talking to you about my amazing new personal trainer (her name is Kenya).

I CAN also still count my calories. I can record it all, along with notes about how I’m feeling and how much water I drank in my program. (Its awesome, I highly recommend it.) And again, I am.  The results speak for themselves. I am down 8 lbs. I have no claims of greater energy, or better sleep, or increased happiness at this point. I can claim looser pants. And that I’m healing. Slowly.

Right now, I wish I was out digging in my garden, preparing it for spring. Putting all my veggie/herb plans into action, planting some yellow daffodil bulbs my mom just dropped off to me, and the thornless blackberry bush canes I bought.  But today, I can’t. My back hurts. Maybe tomorrow though. I persevere.

PS Edited to add a picture to make my post less boring…My parents brought me this lovely plant for Easter.


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