Weekend Update

Dear Erin,

On Friday I went in for a (torturous) deep tissue massage. It helped a lot.

So this weekend, sore back and all, I went for a hike with these guys on Saturday. They are both super excited to be be stomping around in the woods and swatting at bugs, so it was pretty motivating.

Then I did a walk on the beach on Sunday morning with the Murph, and a walk around the park with my friends for a while on Sunday afternoon (poor Murph had to stay home).  We did a little bit of eating out, but none of it was fast food, and I really feel good about all the exercise I managed to do.

I got another torture massage today, and my back is definitely on its road to recovery…and I am happy to report that TOMORROW I will be meeting with Kenya (the personal trainer).  I can’t wait!!

Watch for tomorrow’s gym report!



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