Back Update

Dear Erin,

Sometimes a picture IS worth a thousand words. Yours sums it up quite nicely.
Good luck on everything, and I hope that early morning run went well.

I wanted to give you an update on my back…
I personally report: the pain level is pretty low – like 4 advil per day instead of 12 (As prescribed by my doctor people, don’t go getting all crazy on me, I don’t self medicate anything not prescribed.)
The Chiropractor reports: everything looks like it is holding into place – and that I can come back in TWO WEEKS (instead of twice a week).
And the Massage Therapist reports: everything seems to be staying a lot looser from the last two sessions – I will go back for another torture session from hell (AKA deep tissue massage) in a MONTH as long as it stays loose.

About the massage therapist. At first I thought this was going to be a frivolous waste of my un-reimbursable health budget. Plus I really dont care for massages. Instead it has been the VERY BEST thing on my road to recovery from this episode. My muscles tend to want to stay in “guard” mode LONG AFTER the pinched nerves have started healing. The deep tissue torture really addresses a lot of those issues.

What does all of this really mean?
I’m pretty sure it means that Kenya the personal trainer is waiting in the wings to KICK MY ASS at the gym tomorrow.
Good thing I’ve been doing my homework.



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