Time Flys!


Dear Erin,

Time has really gotten away from me. I have a lot to report, but I will stick to the basics.

1) I had my second personal training session last Wednesday, and it created a lot less pain than the first. I continue to go to the gym 3 days per week to do both cardio and strength training. Murphy is desperately hoping I will get my act together to get us on a walk every morning too, but the weather was pretty crappy last week, so I wasn’t very motivated.

2) There is much progress on my garden. (My annuals bed is pictured above, pics of the veggie part on to come once i finish the landscaping.)  Which is great because I am enjoying beautifying my yard, and prepping to plant some healthy and delish veggies. PLUS, gardening is great exercise.

3) I have decided to commit to two weeks of vegan “clean eating”. Pictured below is my first attempt from the Engine 2 Cookbook (they have a website too), Sweet Potato Lasagna. It was tasty, and filling, although not very lasagna-y. I will report back on how I feel after I am a few days in, since this is only day 2. I have to say, right from the start, clean eating is a great way to cut back your calories, because even when you add in some treats, its pretty hard to get too many calories if you are mostly eating veggies and whole grains!


PS I already miss cheese. (Those are ground cashews on top.)



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