Mobile Blogging 101

Dear Sarah,
So awesome to read all of your posts. I am so proud of you and can totally see your work is paying off.

You know this, but in an effort of full disclosure to all who read this, I have been off the blog for a bit and immersing myself in my new life.

I separated from my place of employment for the past 8 years on May 1 st. Can’t say it was a pretty separation or that I would have ever made that decision if not for some catalyst type events that really made me reconsider the direction my life was headed.

I also have been, on the whole, happier for the last few weeks than I have been in years. ( the saddest part about leaving was having to hand in the Mac … Which has left me to find alternate sources of technology)

I have kinda been acting like a kid in a candy store. Overindulgence and not enough attention to my weightless journey. ( feels weird calling it a journey. Very dramatic)

But alas, as honeymoons come to an end so must my reverie in my new found freedom.

I am going to map out a plan on Monday about my fitness routine and need some help to stick to it. Yoga and cardio are on the horizon for me. The break has to end… But I still feel the fun is beginning.

I kept the man cub home from his half- day of school yesterday and really had so much fun with him. I can’t wait for more summer days to spend with him to do whatever we wish and find adventure together. I missed that so much with all the crazy times I have spent working the past few years.

I am trying out some mobile blogging from the iPhone. Here’s to new technology!
~ E



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