Food Fight!

Dear Erin,

I have another food movie for you to add to your netflix queue: “Food Fight”. Thanks for recommending so many inspiring movies to me in the past year or two. I think you will really like this one. Its about the local food movement. It was really fun to realize I have been a small part of that local food movement, shopping at the many local farmers markets we have in RI, and frequenting a restaurant we have in North Providence called the Locals. They opened up just a year or two ago, and serve foods that are locally sourced and also delicious. As a bonus, when I went on Friday night, I was able to get a local meal that was also vegan and quite tasty.

Its been two weeks since I started my vegan whole foods only eating. I had two meals now when I chose to incorporate some non-vegan or fried items into my diet. Overall, they convinced me (especially the fried foods) that my body really likes eating whole foods. I feel healthier. I plan to continue to definitely cook whole foods at home, perhaps incorporating a small amount of lean protein back into my diet. And maybe eggs. I didn’t realize how much I like eggs til they went away these past couple of weeks. This next weekend, I will be attending several birthday celebrations for me and two of my friends, and I plan to consume some alcohols and refined sugars. Cross your fingers for me to make other healthy choices to go along with those indulgences.

In the meantime, I continue to visit the gym 3 days per week for cardio and strength training, training with Kenya once a week, and to bust my butt with yard work and gardening for additional exercise. (I moved over 900 pounds of crushed stone around my gardens this weekend.) With family coming in from out of town on Wednesday, I am still planning to make all my gym appointments, but won’t be back to the blog til next week.

Have a fabulous holiday weekend (yes, I know I’m early). I hope you are having an easy time getting back on track.

Next week – revisiting those goals after posting them 2 months ago!



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