Planning to Eat

Dear Erin,

As you know, planning my meals is one of my goals. This weekend I sat down and planned several days of healthy meals that were realistic for me to spend time cooking, and even did some of the prep work.

Prepping ahead of time allowed me time this morning to make one of my most favorite breakfasts – beets and eggs.  This is a recipe that I adapted from Animal Vegetable Miracle (a book I highly recommend by the way). It basically has sauteed beet greens and stems with some sort of onion and canned tomatos (in this case the last can from my own garden last summer), with some hot red pepper flakes and salt and pepper.  After the greens are all cooked up, I remove half for another meal, and poach an egg on top, leaving the yellow runny so I can mix it in. YUM!! Here is the version from the book. Normally I only do one egg, but my other meals are pretty calorie low for today, so I snuck this second one in today.

Also, I overslept, but I am going to go to the gym at lunch instead! Small victories.

Hope you are moving forward.




Dear Sarah,

I am super excited about your asparagus crop! I know that gardening in the spring can chase away the winter doldrums like nothing else can.

Thanks for the encouragement about my goals. I tend to be an “over-committer” and an “under-achiever” when it comes to goal setting. The perfectionist nature in me wants to do EVERYTHING right NOW and perfectly.

The reality, as I am learning it, is that changing my life and health is more of a slow and steady process.

My new formula is:

Small goals seen to fruition over long amounts of time  = PROGRESS

I was very tempted to write “= SUCCESS “ , but thought better of it. I am not sure if the word success indicates that there is an end to this getting healthy process. I think there may be a “PHASE 2 “ to my plan which leads to the STAYING healthy part of the program.

Truthfully, I’m not 100% clear on that. Seeing as this will be my first time getting there.

I did, however, complete most of my homework assignments. I took my measurements (yes… even the “redwood” thigh measurement), tracked my weight by weighing in at Weight Watchers, and developed a fitness plan. I even wrote a page of slight non-sense in my journal.

I’ve noticed that I am getting slightly anxious about my increasing need to multi-task lately. Balancing my 2 jobs, my family, and my health can be a slightly  precarious dance of keeping all the balls in the air with equal importance and not letting any one of them drop. This is why I am trying to focus on my goals of developing a fitness and eating plan that will be rigid enough to keep me accountable, yet flexible enough to bend in the times of the unforeseen. All suggestions are WELCOME!

I am back to my lunch, my messy desk, and my computer. Multi-tasking at its best.

~ E

P.S. I lost 3.2 lbs this week!! 


Dear Erin,

Thanks for saying nice things about my picture. I am lucky to have 3 especially talented photographing friends.  Jody, Garry, and Craig.  Craig took this one on a recent hike. He is my favorite photographer because he seems to be super-mindful about only posting flattering pictures of people (or at least of me). I didn’t actually ask him if I could use this picture. Ooops, I guess i know what I am off to do next.

Along with signing up for the gym for AN ENTIRE YEAR yesterday, I went totally off the deep end, admitted I needed <gasp> help, and also hired a personal trainer for 9 sessions.  We are going to work on adding some strength training to my cardio. I will talk more about her next week when we actually get into some training. Yesterday was just an assessment because my back was all sore and out-of-wack.

Your goals are great.  I already added one of yours to mine. I am already keeping track of weight, but I am off to do my measurements this evening too.  Not especially looking forward to that, so thanks for nothing. I can’t want to see some of the creative artsy stuff that flows into your written journal! (You KNOW you are going to sneak us a peek when its cool enough.)

A big shout out to our Rhode Island friend Jenny, who is blogging (probably way more frankly than I plan to) about her own journey over at: Farewell Curves. Lots of luck, good vibes, and actual support if she wants it coming her way from here.

That’s all from RI today. I’m off to find a REALLY BIG tape measure.


PS The asparagus have already started coming up in my garden!!


Looking Forward

Dear Sarah,

Let me start off by saying how cute your profile photo is! I really think it captures who you are in a really candid way.

This blog is a great way to keep me accountable. Not only to myself, but to you. I am so glad we figured out a way of doing this journey together even though we live in different states.

I am so proud of you. Your gym commitment and goals are really inspiring. Reading them really got me thinking about where I am going on this journey and how I am going to remember my own commitment to my health.

After your last post I started thinking about my own goals and how to document my process. I always think about the quote  by Einstein ” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So, I guess, that leaves me with the thought that I have been riding in this rodeo so long that I actually have been doing the same thing over and over. And, by Einstein’ s definition, that deems me insane. ( I know, surprising, right?)

Tonight I decided to not only journal online, but to create and keep an old-fashioned diary of my progress/feelings/measurements, etc. All the stuff that I am too chicken (or too private ) to post out into the Internets.

My first “homework” assignments for journaling are:

  1. Take my current measurements. All of them (thighs included *shudder*)
  2. Record my current weight.
  3. Write down a fitness plan for this week.
  4. Write one page of anything every day.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Personal Goals for Getting Fit…

Dear Erin,

That gym bag is WAY better than a doughnut ANY DAY.  I already have a really great gym bag, and I’m trying to think of something to give up so I can go be all matchy-matchy with you.

I committed this past week too. I just paid for my gym membership for the next 15 months IN FULL today. For reals.  And I am meeting with a personal trainer to set up my first set of workouts after work this evening. (I’ll tell you more about that after it happens.)

In the meantime, I made up a set of Personal Goals for me to follow at least through the summer months, to help me get more fit.  I’m sure I will need to adjust them, but here they are, for your enjoyment:

I have been using an online tool called myfitnesspal to track my eating and exercise for the last few weeks.  Its a free app I mostly play with on my iPhone.  I love it! (More on that later too.)

EATING (Notice I didn’t say diet. Because I mean what I am trying to put in my mouth for the long haul, not just a short term “diet”):

  • Drink only water and (decaf) tea.  With an occasional fresh fruit juice treat.
  • Eat smaller meals more often. 4-5 times per day.
  • Eat red meat and poultry in no more than 2 meals per week.
  • Eat dairy, eggs or fish in no more than half my meals. (Yep, that means half of all my meals will be vegan – I have a feeling I’ll have to work on that one SLOWLY.)
  • Menu planning a couple of days in advance to help me eat more deliberately
  • No fast food


  • Join a KICK ASS gym – go there at least 3 days per week
  • Consult with a personal trainer to get me started on strength training at gym
  • Walk the dog for a good walk at least 5 days per week
  • Hike at least once every two weeks
  • Do some yoga at least 2 times per week (it can be just a video at home)

The other goal I have for this summer is to expand my garden. There is already a plan in place.  I will keep you updated on that because (1) it is totally exercise (2) I will be growing healthy food and (3) we both really like to garden!!

So now I just need your help to work on keeping all these goals in check!!