After the Sick

Dear Sarah,
Happy Birthday weekend!
I hope you had a weekend full of family, friends, and celebration.
I found out a nifty thing about the iPhone. I can dictate my post to WordPress and not even need to type!
I guess the lazy blogger am I, but it might make things easier for me as I’m still technology free.
After my bout with a nasty virus, I’ve come out on the other end. Work a whole bunch this weekend. And now I have had a full day of rest and relaxation at the pool.
I have decided to embrace summer as a time of change, but a time for fun. I’m looking forward to spending as much time as I can be active and awake and alert this year.
Love you lots and here’s a picture from the pool today. Went with a friend and Joshua. We had a blast and it was the best Memorial day ever.
~ E


That Training Session

Dear Erin,

I am so excited for all of your changes in your life, and proud for your leap!
I know it will all end up the way you need it to.

Here is my report on the first (real) day of Personal Training:
Kenya had lots of exercises ready, and we ended up going through a circuit of 15 or 20 of them twice. (Yes, I actually lost count.)
Some of the exercises were really difficult, and some were vaguely familiar and a couple were variations on yoga moves I already knew. I made it through everything, even with a little joking. You know when you watch the Biggest Loser and they have the contestants in a position where their back is against the wall, and their knees are at a 90 degree angle with Jillian STANDING ON TOP OF THEM? Yeah, I did those last night. Just me, with no one standing on top of me. And I almost couldn’t hold the last rep of the second set for a full 5 count. That show is just crazy!
Anyway, when the session was finished she asked me how I was feeling, and asked me to text her if anything we did bothered my back injury. I was feeling fatigued but accomplished when I walked away. However, when I got to the LONG set of stairs to get down to the locker room, I realized I was in trouble! On a dare and a prayer, I made it down the whole set without tumbling, and was more proud of that than the session itself!

This morning I woke up sore, but none the worse for wear. Murph and I even went for our walk to the beach. (Pictured above.)

Today’s Exercise: Mowing the lawn for one hour at lunch. Necessary but not my favorite.

Hope your day, is filled with the joy of knowing you did the right thing for yourself!



First Personal Training Session

Dear Erin,

Actually, it WASN’T my first personal training session. We will start next week. It was a session to set up my “settings” on the fancy Milon Training Circuit that my gym has in addition to their free weights and nautilus machines. It’s 17.5 minutes, and there are several weight training machines, plus four minutes on a stationary bike, and 4 minutes on an elliptical machine.  All of the machines are set up with back support in just the right spot, so its a perfect way for me to get in a little weight training along with my cardio, safely.  The cost of the circuit is included in my gym membership, although I did have to pay a one time fee for the “smartcard” that records how the machines should set your height and weight levels for each item. It also records your workouts so you can track your progress over time (or your trainer can stalk you and see if you’ve been doing it). Overall, I really like the trainer, and we set up a regular appointment for Wednesday evenings, so now I will have to work out before I can go have my regular wednesday night playdate with my friends.  A perfect reward.

Lets take a minute away from the gym and talk about before pictures.  Someone told me that if I am going to start going to the gym all the time, I should really take a couple of before pictures. Sister, I am here to tell you, every picture of me taken in the last 6-8 years is a BEFORE picture. Even the really flattering ones. Even the ones I really like.  Here’s one of me spinning (A good friend took it, and I really do like it):

No, not THAT spinning. If I had done a lot of THAT spinning, I wouldn’t be needing a personal trainer at the gym. I look perfectly presentable, I am out in public, interacting with strangers, demonstrating how to do something I actually really enjoy, and I’m fine with public speaking. But lets get a closeup on that face:

Girl, seriously, I love me, but its a BEFORE picture.

Speaking of spinning, the kind that DOESN’T result in making yarn, riding the stationary bike at the gym today made me resolve to get my actual bicycle out of the garage this week and fill up the tires and ride it around the neighborhood like I did when I was a kid. Because that was FUN!

Wanna know what else I did tonight? After the trainer was done with me, since I was at the gym anyway, I walked another 40 minutes on the treadmill. Pretty fast.

And Murph and I went for a walk before work this morning, so I am pretty exercised out.

I leave you with this – Sarah’s Gym Tip of the Day: Right Said Fred and Aqua should probably NOT be right next to each other on your workout playlist.


Weekend Update

Dear Erin,

On Friday I went in for a (torturous) deep tissue massage. It helped a lot.

So this weekend, sore back and all, I went for a hike with these guys on Saturday. They are both super excited to be be stomping around in the woods and swatting at bugs, so it was pretty motivating.

Then I did a walk on the beach on Sunday morning with the Murph, and a walk around the park with my friends for a while on Sunday afternoon (poor Murph had to stay home).  We did a little bit of eating out, but none of it was fast food, and I really feel good about all the exercise I managed to do.

I got another torture massage today, and my back is definitely on its road to recovery…and I am happy to report that TOMORROW I will be meeting with Kenya (the personal trainer).  I can’t wait!!

Watch for tomorrow’s gym report!


Morning Walks

Dear Erin,

As you know, one of my continued goals is morning walks with the dog. This morning, I managed to get up early enough to take a walk down to the beach, snap a few pictures, and even limber up enough to plant the blackberry canes I’ve been holding onto, and two clumps of yellow daffodil bulbs I asked my mom to bring me yesterday.

As I sit here working and drinking my tea, I report back to you: it felt amazing! Well, to be honest, it felt sore and a little crappy on my body, but MENTALLY, it felt AMAZING!

I can’t wait to heal a little more and get to start off all my mornings with a walk and a putter around the yard.


PS This is the beach at the end of my block. Its the bay, not the actual ocean. But I like to pretend.